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Summer Term Home-Learning Project – International Study

Posted by saltfleetbyblog on April 22, 2012


I can honestly say that I was astounded by the standard of  last terms ‘Home Learning Project’.


It was such a pleasure to read the work that had gone into the ‘Aztecs’ project!


Thanks to all the adults that helped and supported the children through their work – it was truly excellent!


This time you are going to create your own folder/file/scrapbook of tasks related to this terms topic – ‘The Olympics: London 2012′.

Each one of you has a different country to investigate.

The tasks fit into different categories like KNOWLEDGE, COMPREHENSION, APPLICATION, ANALYSIS, EVALUATION and SYNTHESIS. Each of these requires you to use different skills.

You get to choose what to do and how much because each activity has a ‘Points Value’.

The final presentation can be very personal and as long as it fulfills the instructions it will be fine!


Another Place – Summer Home-Learning Project

(Download yourself a copy above if you lose yours)

Here are some guidelines to follow so you get this project in on time:

You must choose a minimum of 10 activities to do.  You must do at least 1 from each section, but not more than 3 from one section.

Your aim is to complete at least 20 points (Points in Brackets). Think carefully about which activities you can do to balance sections and points.

You should complete the tasks that you choose and put them into a folder or a scrapbook. REMEMBER: You are not expected to do every task on the sheet.

This shouldn’t necessarily be a solo project, unless you want it to be of course, get the grown-ups involved too, draw upon the skills of parents, grandparents, older (or younger!) brothers and sisters. These people LOVE a challenge – but they SHOULD NOT be doing it for you!

If you have any queries, questions or concerns – just ask Mr Watson.

(Handed in: 2nd or 3rd July 2012)

Remember that if you ‘go the extra step’ and extend any of the challenges then BONUS POINTS will be available!

Copy and Paste from any source of information like a book, leaflet or the Internet and passing it off as your own WILL result in PENALTY POINTS!

Can you be the one to work hard and score the most points?

Good luck and I hope that you enjoy the challenge!

Mr W.

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Factmonster – Online Almanac

Posted by saltfleetbyblog on April 22, 2012

Fact Monster is a really useful site for lots of reasons.

It is up-to-date, has lots of information on lots of subjects as well as maps, charts, lists, data, timelines, games, encyclopaedia and so much more!

I would think that it would be really useful for you project research.

Mr W.

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The 1st Blogging Landmark!

Posted by saltfleetbyblog on February 17, 2012

Congratulations everyone!

We have reached the 1st Landmark for any blog!

1000 hits!

Not too shabby for the first 6 months!


Mr W.

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Kon-Tiki Topic

Posted by saltfleetbyblog on February 15, 2012

As the next part of our Topic this term we are now going to learn about the Kon-Tiki expedition. What it was and why it happened.

Here is some background information (from Wikipedia):

Kon-Tiki is the raft used by Norwegian explorer and writer Thor Heyerdahl in his 1947 expedition across the Pacific Ocean from South America to the Polynesian islands.

It was named after the Inca sun god, Viracocha, for whom “Kon-Tiki” was said to be an old name. Kon-Tiki is also the name of the popular book that Heyerdahl wrote about his adventures.

Heyerdahl believed that people from South America could have settled Polynesia in pre-Columbian times. His aim in mounting the Kon-Tiki expedition was to show, by using only the materials and technologies available to those people at the time, that there were no technical reasons to prevent them from having done so. (Although the expedition carried some modern equipment, such as a radio, watches, charts, sextant, and metal knives, these were incidental to the purpose of proving that the raft itself could make the journey.)

The Kon-Tiki expedition was funded by private loans, along with donations of equipment from the US Army.

Heyerdahl and a small team went to Peru, where, with the help of dockyard facilities provided by the Peruvian authorities, they constructed the raft out of balsa logs and other native materials in an indigenous style as recorded in illustrations by Spanish conquistadores.

The trip began on April 28, 1947. Heyerdahl and five companions sailed the raft for 101 days over 4,300 miles across the Pacific Ocean before smashing into a reef at Raroia in the Tuamotu Islands on August 7, 1947. The crew made successful landfall and all returned safely.

Can you find out any more information to share?

Post it here!

Mr W.

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Mystery Athlete…?

Posted by saltfleetbyblog on January 16, 2012

I am adding this post as one of those ‘What can you find out about…” questions.

In assembly we talked about the values of the Olympic and Paralympic Games.

The Olympic and Paralympic Games are about much more than sporting excellence.

Underpinning the Games is the philosophy of Pierre de Coubertin, the founder of the Modern Olympic Movement.
He saw in the Games an ideal opportunity to develop a set of universal principles – or Values – that could be applied to education and to society as a whole, as well as to sport itself.

These Values are:

  • Respect – fair play; knowing one’s own limits; and taking care of one’s health and the environment
  • Excellence – how to give the best of oneself, on the field of play or in life; taking part; and progressing according to one’s own objectives
  • Friendship – how, through sport, to understand each other despite any differences

The Paralympic Values are based on the history of the Paralympic Games and the tradition of fair play and honourable sports competition.

They are:

  • Courage
  • Determination
  • Inspiration
  • Equality.

This athlete is one of my ‘heroes’.

I think that this athlete goes along way towards personifying those Paralympic values. His courage and determination to succeed, the way he has insprired other athletes and how he fights for equality – in his case the right to compete against able bodied athletes in the Olympic Games, not only the Paralympics.

He is truly an inspiration to me and I hope you perhaps see why!

My question to you is this…

Who is this Mystery Athlete?
What can you find out about him?

Mr W.

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Easter Island

Posted by saltfleetbyblog on January 15, 2012

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The Haka – A Traditional Maori War Dance

Posted by saltfleetbyblog on January 12, 2012

As a little taster for the start of PE, I thought I would share some information about the Haka with you.

Rugby fans will recognise it as the dance that the New Zealand All Black perform before every International match.

There are many slightly different versions and each Captain does it slightly different, including me, my version differs a little from the video which you can watch below..

In this video from 2004, it is led by Tana Umaga, one of the most famous All Black captains of recent years.

If you were wondering what the words meant…

It is the story of a Warrior Chief.

Ringa pakia,
Uma tiraha,
Turi whatia,
Hope whai ake,
Waewae takahia kia kino,

English Translation:
Slap the hands against the thighs
Puff out the chest
Bend the knees
Let the hip follow
Stamp the feet as hard as you can.

Ka Mate! Ka Mate!
Ka Ora! Ka Ora!
Tenei te ta ngata puhuru huru
Nana nei i tiki mai

Whakawhiti te ra
A upane ka upane!
A upane kaupane whiti te ra!

English Translation:

It is death! It is death!
It is life! It is life!
This is the hairy person
Who caused the sun to shine
Keep abreast! Keep abreast
The rank! Hold fast!
Into the sun that shines!

If you are feeling up for it – and you need to be, because you can’t do it half-heartedly!

I’ll teach you the full Haka.

Mr W.

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Welcome to 2012! New Year = New Topic

Posted by saltfleetbyblog on January 3, 2012

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Welcome back after your Christmas break everyone!

I hope that you are refreshed and ready for the new term.

Santa hopefully brought you what you asked for and some surprises too!

I have added lots of new links to the blog for you to have a look at.

They should be really useful and They will perhaps be useful in your ‘Home Learning Project’ that I will be handing out in the next couple of weeks.

Have fun!

Mr W.

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The 12 Games of Christmas

Posted by saltfleetbyblog on December 11, 2011

The TES Newspaper (Times Educational Supplement) has presented an Advent Calendar of simple but fun games.

I thought you might like a go…

Follow the linked picture below…


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Animal Adaptations – Be a Fox!

Posted by saltfleetbyblog on November 7, 2011

Have you got what it takes to survuce the different environments as a hungry fox?

Why not try the BBC Nature – Survival Zone Game.

Use your arrow keys to guide the fox to avoid predators and find food.

You need to keep your energy up and make sure you do not run out of water before the time runs out.

There are five different environments to survive.

1. Grassland – Watch out for the Bears!

2. Woodland – Beware the Wolves!

3. Savannah – DO NOT FEED THE LIONS!

4. Desert – Mind the Rattle Snakes!

5. Polar – WARNING! Polar Bears!

You will need to think carefully to balance the need for food, water, shelter and rest.

Good Luck!

Mr W.

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BBC History – Viking Quest

Posted by saltfleetbyblog on October 13, 2011

Viking Quest

Can you build a ship, cross the seas, loot a monastery and return home to claim your prize?

Mr W.

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The Power of Imagery: Poetry

Posted by saltfleetbyblog on October 9, 2011

Over the past two weeks in Literacy, we have been studying poetry which uses Powerful Imagery.

Ways to write powerful description are those techniques like:

  • Strong Adjectives, Verbs and Adverbs
  • Personification
  • Simile
  • Metaphor

We read and discussed lots of poems and then we planned and wrote our own.

This is an example of one of those poems:

Wednesday 5th October

L.Obj: To be able to create imagery in poems.


Ideas are everywhere.

They are like spirits,

Flying about unseen,

Crawling into the brains of the unexpected,

Trying to get back out.


Brains use their magic,

Turning ideas to words.

Hands use their magic,

Moving the pens.

Pens use their magic,

Cry out the ideas.

Ideas are locked on the page.


Sometimes the magic

Doesn’t work,

Pens hide,

Hands fail to find.

Brains can’t quite turn the ideas to words,

Ideas get out,

Get lost,

Are forgotten,

Find a new unexpected person,

And start the process again.


I think this is one of the best examples of descriptive poetry I have read by a Primary School aged pupil!

Stunning description!

What is your favourite bit? Favourite Line? or Favourite phrase?


Sahre your thoughts in a comment…

Mr W.

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Viking Longhouses – Home Learning Project

Posted by saltfleetbyblog on September 24, 2011

In Class 3, our History topic is as you know ‘The Vikings’.

As part of this topic I have asked the children to create a Home Learning Project. This is to extend our learning and to get the children to research and develop an idea for themselves.

Starting with a “Shoe Box” the task is to create a model of a Viking Longhouse.

Longhouses were usually made of wood – or stone, earth and turf, which kept out the cold better. They had no chimney or windows, so smoke from the open fire drifted out through the roof, and lamps were used for light. Beds and benches lined the walls. Other features included heather bedding, wall hangings and rugs for warmth. In the winter animals slept inside too.

BBC Schools: Viking Longhouses

The children will need to think about what materials they could use to complete their model. They could draw, paint, crayon, stick…anything really but they had to BE CREATIVE!

It can be a solo project, or of course they can get the grown-ups involved too, drawing upon the skills of parents, grandparents, older (or younger!) brothers and sisters.

I am giving 6 weeks to complete these projects, and they should be presented back in school complete on Friday November 12th.

I hope that you enjoy working together.

Here is a copy of the guidance for you to download:

Viking Longhouses Project Sheet

Mr W.

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Best Goals in Handball!

Posted by saltfleetbyblog on September 12, 2011

Here is a video of ‘Handball’.

It is a similar version to the one we will be learning/playing.

After watching this video and others like it, I have decided that this looks so exciting!

Watch and enjoy!

Do you think that you have these skills?

What skills do you think you need?

Let me know on here and then I can make sure that we practice them!

Mr W.

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Autumn Term – Class 3 Newsletter

Posted by saltfleetbyblog on September 12, 2011

Autumn Term Focus Sheet

Here is a copy of the Class Newletter sent out during Week 1.

I thought that people might like to be able to access another copy.


If all goes to plan I intend to send out the ‘Home Learning Project’ next week!

Something for all the family to work on together…

Mr W.

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